Antique Brass

Made to look like an original feature in your home, our Antique Brass products are aged by hand before we send them out to you.
The ‘living’ finish will continue to develop. The areas you touch most will darken faster, and the overall colour tone will patina subtly in response to atmospheric changes.
If you do want to reverse the ageing process, you can use a metal polish. Our Antique Brass restoration kit is best, but Brasso can also be used (it’ll take it back to a much brighter finish though).


Bronze is our darkest and boldest finish.
Over time, the natural brass colour will reappear on the areas touched most often, giving each item individual character.
You shouldn’t use metal polish on Bronze, or anything else for that matter. Any kind of chemical or acidic solution will damage the finish. All you need is a damp (but not wet) lint-free cloth to clean it. 

Polished Nickel

Our Polished Nickel finish combines the durability of chrome with a warmer feel that will stay looking brand new (it’s nickel plated, so won’t patina).
This refined look is popular in both classical and contemporary homes.
It’ll always be bright and shiny, save for fingerprints, and those are easy to buff off with a damp (but not wet) lint-free cloth.