Our Clear switches and sockets: a practical guide
Typically, a switch or socket will have a plate that’s visible on the wall – whether it’s made from plastic, steel, ceramic, or in our case, solid brass.

Yet there are some situations where a more discreet option may be called for.

A minimalist setting. Rooms that feel traditional but are sensitively modernised. Or simply a space with a patterned wallpaper.

That’s where our Clear plates come in.

They’re made from transparent polycarbonate with gently rounded corners. They’re designed to blend with either paint or wallpaper, and at just 2mm thick, they really are very subtle once installed.
The other details (in case you’re wondering) remain unchanged.

The switches are still solid brass in the same three finish options as the rest of the range, and the sockets come with the same choice of black or white inserts.

But how does a transparent plate like ours actually work?

Be assured there’s no trickery involved – it’s all pretty simple really, and it largely comes down to a paper template that’s included with every one of our Clear switches and sockets. When the template’s in situ, it’ll simply show through the plate that sits on top.

The template itself can either be painted or used as a cut-around guide for wallpaper.

Once that’s done, there are just a few more simple steps that need to be followed to achieve an almost invisible look on the wall.
Here’s the complete process…

1(a) If you’re pairing your Clear plate with paint, use a roller to cover one side of the supplied paper template in two coats of your chosen colour and leave to dry completely. 

1(b) If you’re pairing it with wallpaper, add a strip of double-sided tape to one side of the template. Line up a piece of your wallpaper so it matches the wallpaper on the wall. Hold it in place while you position the template over the back box behind. Press the wallpaper to the template to secure in place with the tape and remove from the wall. Cut around the template using a sharp blade or scissors.

2 Remove the protective backing from both sides of the polycarbonate plate.

3 Hold the painted or wallpapered template over the back box, concealing the wires, and add the plate over the top.

4 Secure by either replacing the toggle ring or the dimmer knob and ring and tightening, or using the supplied screws.

We recommend using a professional to fit all Corston products. Electrical items must be installed by a qualified electrician.